International Conference with the Ascended Masters & Kim Michaels in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

We are delighted to announce our 5th Pentecost Conference here in the Netherlands and we would like to invite you to join us! Irma, Tineke and Lilian.

Topic: Ending the Era of Fanaticism on Earth

1. Date: June 7-10, 2019 (4 days).

2. Location: Theater De Cameleon,
Derde Kostverlorenkade 35,
1054 TS Amsterdam.

3. Schedule:
Friday June 7, 2019
13:00 Doors open
14:00 – 17.30 Welcome and opening session
17:30 – 19.00 Dinner
19:00 – 21:00 Evening session

Saturday June 8, 2019
10:00 – 12:30 Morning session
12.30 – 14.00 Lunch
14:00 – 17:30 Afternoon session
17.30 – 19.00 Dinner
19:00 – 22:00 Evening session

Sunday June 9, 2019
10:00 – 12:30 Morning session
12.30 – 14.00 Lunch
14:00 – 17:30 Afternoon session
17.30 – 19.00 Dinner
20:00 – 22:00 Evening session

Monday June 10, 2019
10:00 – 12:00 Morning session
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch
14.00/15.00: Afternoon session and closing of the conference
*The times are subject to change
*The doors will open at 9.00 in the morning.

4. Conference Fee: 350 Euro (4 days) including vegetarian lunch and dinner. Payment instructions (bank /wire transfer) will be sent (per e-mail) after registration. All registrations preferably before May 1. This fee is without accommodation! You will have to make your own arrangements.

5. Accommodation: Because the Pentecost weekend is a holiday weekend, and because Amsterdam is a big tourist destination, the prices for accommodation can be high; make sure to book in time. There are of course different price ranges depending on what type of accommodation you prefer.

Airbnb: Airbnb is a website connecting with house owners who offer accommodation, see website for possibilities. The advantage is often a lower price , but you are dealing with private people, not an organization.

Bed and Breakfast: These prices are a bit higher, but you will get a bit more service, like breakfast etc.
Hotel: A hotel is full service, but also the highest price.

The Conscious Hotels Group has two hotels “around the corner”. There is also the possibility of course, of sharing a room with other conference friends and that will reduce the price.
Address: Amstelveenseweg 5, 1054 MB Amsterdam
Address: Overtoom 519, 1054 LH Amsterdam

6. Registration for the conference: Please click here for the registration form.
Once you register you will be sent payment instructions and details on how to get to the Conference. (It is only about 20 minutes by public transport from Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport, and even shorter by taxi).

7. Web Conference for Holland Conference.  The fee for the web conference is  € 100. Click below for the registration form:

Web Conference Registration FORM


For other questions: e-mail to